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May 05. 2016 | Uncategorised
European forum of independent professionals Manifesto

Founded in 2010, the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP) is furthering a commitment to build a better economy — one that puts people at the centre of it, empowering anyone to work for themselves and succeed on their own terms. We are a European not-for-profit collaboration of national associations which represents over 10 million of independent professionals at EU level through targeted research, advocacy and campaigning.

Independent professionals (often referred to as freelancers or contractors) are highly-skilled self-employed workers without employers nor employees. They offer specialised services of a knowledge-based nature and work on a flexible basis in a range of creative, managerial, scientific and technical occupations, primarily in B2B. They are the smallest of small businesses and, with a 45% increase since 2004, they are the fastest growing segment of the EU labour market.

EFIP mission is to strive for European policy, business and social environment to become more conducive to the independent and self-employed way of working, in both the private and public sectors. We urge all European countries to embrace the talent and dynamism of the the freelance way of working. We call on Governments and public policy in general to push ahead with reforms to ensure the flexibility of our labour market is encouraged. This approach will ensure we continue to attract investment, create jobs, and build an economy for everyone in Europe. 

EFIP has the following aims:

• Visibility: Raise awareness of independent professional life as a vital part of the European labour market.

• Value: Provide expertise and better understanding to policy makers of the value independent professionals bring to the European economy and society.

• Resources: Promote high standards, share knowledge and good practices of value to independent professionals and kick start joint projects.

• Policy: Provide a conduit for policy matters with EU institutions, advocating for regulations that specifically consider the unique needs of independent professionals.

Consisting of national associations from across Europe, EFIP seeks to enhance the work of those national bodies already representing independent professionals. 

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